About Wisemind

Wise • Mind n. The balanced part of us that comprises our inner knowledge and intuition, where our emotional thinking mind (thoughts driven by distressing feelings) and rational thinking mind come together (Linehan 1993). Wise mind is that part of each person that can know and experience truth. It is where the person knows something to be true or valid.

Doing psychotherapy by day and making music by night, Matthew Snyder, a.k.a. Wisemind, is a Los Angeles-based music producer and multi-instrumentalist who strives to make his music both an escape for himself and those who listen to it. Having sung and playing multiple instruments in jazz bands, orchestras, and choirs throughout his life, he found a knack for producing trip hop and hip hop instrumentals in college at UC Santa Cruz.

In Wisemind’s debut album, Late Night Musings, he blends and bends genres to achieve his unique, retro-yet-current sound in a tape-saturated musical journey. Inspired by the likes of Wax Tailor and RJD2, his concept album Blasting Off transforms Late Night Musings into a story of interstellar exploration, offering another vehicle for listeners to escape in!

In Wisemind’s latest release, Perception, he reflects on the wisdom gained from life, love, and loss, through his connection to his late father, the lessons from working with so many different people, the gift of finding love and the trust in his intuition to leave it for the better. As a marriage and family therapist who works as a clinical director at a substance abuse treatment center, he has seen personally and with others that finding things such as opportunities for growth when obstacles emerge, silver linings, alternate perspectives and facts that don’t alight with one’s view/opinion/judgment and can help change our perceptions which will in turn enhance our lives.

An openness to this change is necessary and with Perception, Wisemind hopes to open peoples mind. Inspired by the lofi hip-hop he heard when working at a residential treatment centers for teens, Wisemind, started naturally crafting a new sound with a vintage twist. Now singing occasionally, Wisemind blends virtual instruments (Spectrasonics), old school samplers, and analog synths (MPC Renaissance and Moog Subsequent 37), and tailored samples to craft a unique vibe that is both comforting and stimulating… the therapeutic affect he hopes to have on his clients. Sit back and relax and let Wisemind help you synthesize happiness into your life.